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Thankful Hearts!

We have some exciting news to share with you!  As of March 15th, we have reached the necessary level of financial support (50%) to “officially” join the CBM staff team which allows us to start drawing a salary and take the next steps towards our departure to the Philippines early this summer.  This is a significant goal for us as a family and one that we are celebrating and thanking God for together!  Also, we want to take this opportunity to thank each church and individual or couple who has supported us through prayer and/or financial partnership.  It is because of the support of so many that we have been able to reach this goal and for that we are extremely grateful!


One of the ‘next steps’ for us as a family is to participate in a 2 week course in Guelph, Ontario called IMPACT.  This is a 2 week intensive course for Christian workers intending to serve long-term overseas.  This program will equip us as a family to live cross-culturally by preparing us for some of the challenges and realities of life overseas.  This course is from April 4th to 15th and we would really appreciate your prayers for us during this time.  We will be taking our kids out of school for these two weeks and attempting to keep them caught up through daily lessons and homework (provided by their teachers) while we are there.  We will be sure to share with you some of the take-a-ways for us as a family from this 2 week course.

Marketplace Ministry Symposium

Another exciting development is coming up for us in the area of Marketplace Ministry.  Terry Smith (CBM Executive Director) has called a 3 day meeting in Toronto to pray, discuss, and prepare a 5 year plan for the future involvement of CBM within the context of the marketplace in Southeast Asia and throughout CBM’s other partner countries.  These three days will be foundational for us as we prepare for our assignment in the Philippines, as well as for the future of Marketplace Ministry initiatives with CBM.  Marketplace Ministry is a key global mission strategy for CBM and we are excited to be a part of it.  These meetings will include a number of individuals who will be key to the growth and development of this new ministry initiative.  These meetings will take place from April 19th to 21st in Toronto.  We would be grateful for your prayers leading up to and throughout these meetings.  We look forward to sharing more details with you about the development of this exciting new ministry initiative.

On the road again…

Since mid-January we have been travelling heavily throughout the Maritime provinces sharing on Sunday mornings, sharing with WMS groups, mission committees, Pastors, etc..  We have been overwhelmed by the love and support that we have received everywhere that we’ve gone.  In the coming months, we will be continuing to travel throughout the Maritimes.  We have a very full schedule that includes speaking every Sunday morning, many Sunday evenings, and many weekdays.  We are very thankful for the opportunities that continue to be given to us to share our story and invite people to partner with us.  We appreciate your ongoing prayers for our family as we travel and share.

In Closing

Although we are excited about reaching this support raising goal we are also aware of the fact that we still have another goal to reach.  Before we will be released to the Philippines to begin ministry we must reach 80% of our ministry budget through sustainable monthly (or yearly) contributions from churches AND individuals.  This means that we still have about 25% of our support to raise before reaching that 80% goal.

As we mentioned earlier, we are only able to follow God’s call on our lives with the prayers and financial support of generous churches and individuals across Canada.  If you are interested in becoming a monthly partner-in-mission with us, please let us know and we’d love to share more with you.  If you are planning to financially support us please let CBM know by simply contacting Barb Keys at (or you can give online by clicking here). Even if you are not ready to send in your donation yet, please let CBM know, as this will help us reach the necessary fundraising goals required for further orientation and preparation before departure.  If you are unable to become a monthly partner, but would like to make a one-time financial contribution towards our ministry that is wonderful as well.  One-time financial gifts help with our initial set-up costs when we arrive in the Philippines.

All donations of $10.00 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt at year end. 


Michael & Melanie

Kyla, Sean, Carter & Allie