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Post By: Michael Waddell

InterFaith Youth Leadership Gathering 2017

This past week I (Michael) had the privilege of attending the first InterFaith Youth Leadership Gathering, which was organized and facilitated in partnership between CRUIS Inc., Kabuganaan Philippines Ministries (KPM), and Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM).  The gathering brought 10 Muslim youth (from southern Mindanao) and 10 Christian youth (from Capiz Province on Panay Island) together for […]

School’s Out for Summer!

Well, school is officially out for summer at Faith Academy and our kids are really looking forward to the break.  Last summer our kids did not get much of a summer break because shortly after they completed school in New Brunswick we left for Mississauga for orientation and then on to the Philippines where they […]

Witnessing in a Broken World

This past week I (Michael) had the privilege of traveling to a small rural community in Capiz province known as Bag-ong Barrio, Tapaz.  The purpose of my visit was to attend the 110th Annual Assembly of the Capiznon (Kasapulanan) Baptist Churches Inc, which is a gathering of pastors, church leaders and delegates from 52 churches […]

Updates and More

We want to begin by expressing our sincere thanks and appreciation for everyone who continues to pray for us and financially support us as we serve with CBM in the Philippines.  You faithful love and support means so much to us and serves as a reminder of God’s love, faithfulness and provision.  Thanks for joining […]

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