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Pressed…but not Crushed: Philippine Project Updates (Part 2)

Last week, we began a series of updates to share with you about each of CBM’s projects in the Philippines with our partner, KPM.  The title of this series of updates, ‘Pressed…but not Crushed’ is taken from the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 4:8-9, where he says,

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed.”  

Like Paul, our partners in the Philippines are experiencing tremendous challenges and are under great pressure.  They are being pressed by additional pressures brought on by the covid-19 pandemic, but they are persevering by the sustaining grace of God.  

We began our series of updates with FOOD for LIFE (if you missed it, you can read it HERE).  Today, we are sharing about CCTEP (Capiz Continued Theological Education Program).

CCTEP Photo Gallery


CCTEP is a 3-year practical theological education program, in partnership with KPM and the Capiz Chapter – Convention Baptist Ministers Association, which began in January 2019.  The program is designed to provide Capiz Baptist pastors with continuing education and professional development on subjects that relate to their local ministry context.  There are six courses each year for a total of 18 courses.  With the conclusion of the 11th and 12th courses, which occurred earlier this week, the participants have completed their second year of the program.  

The original design of the program was to gather together, in one central location in Roxas City, approximately 30 pastors from around Capiz province.  As you might expect, due to the cover-19 pandemic, CCTEP is unable to bring the pastors together in one location.  So, the CCTEP planning team worked hard and came up with a solution that enabled the program to continue despite these difficult circumstances.  With the use of a virtual conferencing software (Zoom) the group was able to gather together virtually to conduct the last two classes of 2020.  

Some pastors are serving in remote areas and they lack a strong and reliable internet connection. So, in these cases, the CCTEP team arranged three church locations (one in each circuit of the province) where pastors could go to participate in the courses, all while practice safe health protocols such as physical distancing, hand hygiene, and wearing of face masks.  

On top of covid-19 and internet challenges,  Capiz province also experienced a strong tropical storm for the duration of the two courses.  This made it difficult for some to travel to a place with strong internet, and it caused both power interruptions and internet connectivity issues.  All in all though, CCTEP was able to successfully complete the remaining two courses of 2020.  With this, the group of pastors have just one year (6 courses) left in their program, which will begin in late January 2021.  

In case you’re wondering, CCTEP courses are designed to be practical in nature and focus on everyday issues/challenges within pastoral work in their local context.  The courses have focused on a wide range of topics including : Pastoral Care and Counselling, Community Development, Church Administration and Management, Gender and Sexuality, Women’s Empowerment, Culture and Contextualization, Hiligaynon Bible (local vernacular), and more.

We thank God, that despite many challenges, the CCTEP program was able to adapt to the current realities and continue providing this much needed and valued education program for pastors.  

Prayer Requests

  • Please be praying for pastors in Capiz province as they serve the needs of their churches and communities in these difficult times of uncertainty.
  • Please be praying for the CCTEP planning team as they begin the work of planning and organizing the courses for 2021.
  • Please pray for the health (mental, physical, emotional) of pastors in Capiz
  • Please be praying for CBM/KPM programs in Capiz province as they strive to continue serving the needs of the poor and marginalized.
  • Please be praying for our partners, Kabuganaan Philippine Ministries (KPM) and Rev. Job & Phoebe Santiago as they provide leadership during this very challenging time.


Michael & Melanie (Kyla, Sean, Carter, & Allie)

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Michael & Melanie

Kyla, Sean, Carter & Allie