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An Expanding Partnership: CBM and KPM Sign MOU

This past weekend marked a historic event for the work of Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) in the Philippines.  Since 2010 CBM has enjoyed working with Kabuganaan Philippines Ministries and, through an annual project agreement, have been working together in four mission communities (Lucero, Aglongon, Hopevale, and Libas) in Capiz province to carry-out various community development activities, particularly with children and youth.  Since 2015, when CBM began sending field staff to the Philippines, the work between CBM and KPM has been expanding throughout Capiz province.  This past Saturday, February 16th, CBM and KPM signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which affirms our commitment to one another as partners and outlines our shared goals and objectives for embracing broken communities in the Philippines through word and deed.

(Seen above: KPM board of trustees and missionary teachers along with Rev. John Chan and Michael & Melanie Waddell)

Rev. John Chan, CBM’s Director of International Partnerships, traveled to the Philippines last week to visit some of the mission areas, hear stories of how the work has been making a difference in lives and communities, and to take part in the signing ceremony and partnership celebration.

As was mentioned earlier, although CBM’s MOU with KPM is new, the connection to Canadian Baptists goes back many years.  During the ministry of Rev. Rob & Norma Coe (former CBM Strategic Associates), KPM (formerly known as Kipling Philippines Mission) was founded with the support of Kipling Avenue Baptist Church in Toronto.  At that time, KPM was founded to support mission work in Lucero, a poor rural community in Capiz province.

In 2010, Rev. Job & Phoebe Santiago became the administrators of KPM.  They began to expand KPM’s ministry into other poor communities with a focus on engaging in integral mission – sharing the love of God in both word and deed.  At that time, the name was changed to Kabuganaan Philippines Ministries to better align with their mandate.  Kabuganaan is a Hiligaynon (local vernacular) word meaning “abundance” and better reflects their commitment to help vulnerable communities live abundantly in Jesus Christ (John 10:10).

In the Philippines, it is customary to print a tarpaulin to mark special events and occasions.  See above is the tarpaulin that was printed to mark this special event with the following text printed: “We give thanks to God for the historical relationship between our two organizations, as well as the ministry we currently share.  We look forward to a healthy and fruitful partnership that will continue to impact lives and families as we embrace broken communities in the Philippines through word and deed” 

Rev. John Chan sits next to Phoebe Santiago while listening to members of KPM’s board of trustees share their appreciation to Canadian Baptist for their partnership.

Over the last couple of years our work with KPM has expanded in various ways that aim to alleviate poverty and strengthen local churches in spreading the Gospel.  Together, we are 1) supporting early childhood education for preschool-aged children in poor communities, 2) providing youth development programs, which include spiritual and leadership formation training, to help poor students complete a post-secondary education, 3) providing training in organic and nutritious food for families and communities, and 4) facilitating livelihood projects to help augment family income.  In addition to these activities, we are also in the process of launching several new marketplace ministry programs that will address the needs of the poor by creating sustainable employment for those who are most vulnerable.

Rev. Jerry Lamazon, Chairman – KPM’s board of trustees, sharing his excitement about the strengthened partnership and growing work between KPM and CBM.  Rev. Lamazon was one of the founding members of KPM and has faithfully served as a BOT member and volunteer for many years.

We are extremely thankful to God for giving us such a great partner to work with in the Philippines.  These are exciting days and things are developing in ways we never imagined.  We invite you to pray for our family, for CBM, and for KPM as we work together to ‘embrace a broken world through word and deed’.

For more information on CBM’s work around the world, including the Philippines, or to donate please visit or call 1-905-821-3533.


Michael & Melanie

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