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I’ll go where you will lead me Lord…

Our desire to go into the mission field has been going on for a long time or at least it feels that way for us. During that time, there have been moments of doubt, fear, anxiety, unfaithfulness, loss, anger and this list goes on…. Even unbeknown to us our God has always come out on top! As we reflect and look back on the last few years we’re absolutely amazed at His grace, mercy, power, love and peace. He has had a plan from the very beginning even when we doubted that this journey would ever begin for us. We’re blown away by His perfect will and impeccable timing!

For us… Africa had always been on our hearts. Michael went in 2009 and we went together in 2013. His trip in ’09 spurred a desire in his heart for our small business to think about becoming more missional. Meaning: “How could our small business have a global impact?”   This desire grew in his heart as he began to develop a plan about how to be proactive in being more missional.  Between ’09 and ’13 God was continuing to mold and shape us into what His plan was for our lives and we had no idea where this was going to lead us.   The market crashed in ‘09 and this had a directPlane effect on our business, we adopted one of our sons, we began to work part-time at Camp Tulakadik, and I enrolled in my Master’s in Counselling.   We had no idea how all of these events would play out in our lives, but our great God sure did! Then in 2013, we had the amazing privilege of visiting our new colleagues and friends Aaron and Erica Kenny in Kenya, as a couple. It was a trip of a lifetime as we visited their CBM projects, enjoyed their company, met national staff, went on a safari and fell in love with the country. This trip escalated the desire in our hearts to be more missional here in NB or wherever the Lord may lead us. I’ll never forget the conversation we had on the flight home where we discovered that we both had a desire to make a change in our lives and maybe even embrace the idea of becoming Global Field Staff.

We knew that there were a few hurtles in our way in order to make that change. To be honest, there were times when we doubted that this day would ever come and Satan had a field day on our thought life and even our marriage. But “What God has brought together let no man separate” Mark 10:9 became one of our many theme verses. After many discussions with CBM, many hurtles being dissolved, many Holy Spirit whispers, many discussions, many prayers, many tears, many laughs and many goals reached…. Here we are!

As you are well aware Africa is not where the Lord desires to send us, but He has given us great peace as we begin to embark on HIS missionary journey for our family. So…. “We will go where you will lead us Lord! Our trust in you now is far greater than it’s ever been in our lives and that’s what you have taught us during our journey here in New Brunswick. We can’t wait to see what you have instore for us in the Philippines. Thank you Father. Amen.”


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